People came out to the Allegheny College planetarium show titled "The Eclipse in our Own Backyard." Jon Grzegosewski said he decided to come because of his excitement for the upcoming eclipse, and his interest in astronomy and history 

"Because I thought it was gonna be a really interesting presentation about something that is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we get to actually experience here in our hometown whether it’s Meadville or Erie. I’m a big history nerd, so I like to think about the fact that people used to think of this is a religious experience," Grzegosewski said

 Professor James Lombardi talked about eclipse history, safe ways to watch the eclipse, and just how special this event is going to be.  

“The community has really a once in a lifetime opportunity here. The last time in Crawford county that there was an eclipse, I believe the same thing is true for Erie county as well, was 1806. The next time that it’ll be here is 2144, and so people may think all eclipses you know -- we’ve heard of solar eclipses before, but this is a total solar eclipse. It’s going to be as dark as night in the middle of the day for almost 3 minutes,” Lombardi said. 

For people who want to document and have something to remember the eclipse by, Lombardi recommends getting reaction of people.  

“There’s going to be lots of ooh’s and aah’s. Grown people have lots of different reactions to the eclipse. Some will cry, some will just be quiet, and all others will just talk away. It’s gonna be fun if you have that on a video pointed at you rather than the sky, to reflect back on that memory,” Lombardi said.