The Warren County Children's Advocacy Center has launched a new outreach initiative, aiming to foster community engagement and support for those in need. 

Their new initiative called "Treats with Tiger," is designed to facilitate a casual and welcoming space for community members to connect with advocates and receive support.

The Children's Advocacy Center is dedicated to providing assistance and resources to children and families in need.

"Treats with Tiger," a monthly meet and greet held at White Cane Coffee in downtown Warren is named after the center's mascot and therapy dog and with his help they are taking their outreach efforts to a whole new level.

“We created "Treats with Tiger" to give people an opportunity to meet Tiger in a family friendly atmosphere," stated Melissa McLean, Executive Director of the Warren County Children’s Advocacy Center. "People can come and ask questions about our agency, they can get some child abuse awareness tips, some body safety tips, and ask all those kinds of uncomfortable questions that they might not want to call an agency to ask while having a cup of coffee in a really good, friendly place.”

These monthly gatherings aim to provide an opportunity for community members to meet Tiger, as well as other representatives from the Advocacy Center. 

The Warren County Children’s Advocacy Center will be continuing their outreach efforts into the month of April, in honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

For more information, visit here.