West Lake has now signed a joint agreement with Millcreek Fire Department to allow them to use their fire equipment and access their locations.

With the agreement, Chief of West Lake Fire Department Kirk McCaslin said he continues to hold his firefighters in high esteem.

"We want to continue that proudness and our dedication to the community even though we have paid staff now that we have asked for for a long time, we are moving forward," McCaslin said.

Millcreek Fire Chief Mike Cliff said this collaboration is a win for not only the departments but for Millcreek taxpayers as well.

"Just like our patch has all four departments names in it, we really want to recognize that we are trying to come in as one ultimately to provide the highest service to the community," Cliff said.

Millcreek Township Supervisors are fully supportive of the move.

Dan Ouellet is not only a supervisor but also a volunteer firefighter and he said this action is just what the township needs.

"For these departments to be coming together under one umbrella and serving the residents, it is ideal and exactly what we are looking for," Ouellet said.

"It is very good to see, there is a lot of pride here and in the departments, a lot of history and it is great to see them come together and it is a historic day so looking forward to the future," Millcreek Township Supervisor Jim Bock said.