A community tradition continued this weekend in Corry as the annual Easter egg hunt returned, it all came together this year thanks to volunteers and local businesses.

The Fox family alongside many others in the Corry community got to enjoy an annual community event in Mead Park.

As Kurtis Fox explained, "We were excited to have it back on. We heard that it was gonna get canceled maybe this year and some people stepped in and save the day last minute so we're excited for that."

All four of their children participated in different hunts based on their age. Their daughter, Jazzy said, "I like the candy" and their son, Rory said, "I try to find the place with the most eggs and I just go there first and scoop them all up."

The event returned thanks to local local businesses leaders after the Chamber decided to cancel it due to lack of support and volunteers. Samantha Clabbatz with French Creek Settlement Services  said, "Volunteers kind of facilitated it, but really it was a community effort. We had a ton of businesses volunteer their time, their money, prizes."

After hearing this tradition for the Corry community could be getting canceled. Clabbatz and Sander decide to step up and help out, doing everything they could to make sure that tradition continued for another year.

Ryan Sander, a Broker with Sander Home and Land Realty  explained, "When we heard it wasn't gonna be around anymore and nobody else stepped up to the plate, we figured great opportunity for us."

Organizers said this act of helping out is what the Corry community is all about. "As far as coming together as a community and stepping up to the plate anytime there's a person or organization in need of help", said Sander.

In addition to collecting the eggs with little treats, candies and goodies inside, there were 35-40 big prizes that children could get as well.