Easter Sunday meant many churches were packed with families to celebrate the Resurrection.

Generations of families filled St. Peter's Cathedral in Downtown Erie to celebrate Easter Sunday.

Fr. Michael Ferrick, the Rector at St. Peter's Cathedral explained, "It shows Jesus is important in their lives. They could go to brunch right away and spend it with their families, but it's a tradition to start with the Lord, giving thanks to Almighty God for the gift of his Risen Son."

Bishop Lawrence Perisco agreed, when parents bring their young children to mass, it shows the family's commitment to their faith. "It's a perfect example for the children because when they see their parents, family members coming together to worship, then it sets a model for the younger people hopefully for them to follow", explained Bishop Perisco.

Bishop Perisco said while many make it a priority to attend the Holy Week services, he hopes people continue to attend mass after Easter season ends, "On Easter Sunday, the renewal of baptismal promises, which should be a reminder to us of our baptismal call to be be disciples of Christ and the unfortunate thing is we forget that and we kind of backslide on it ."

Fr. Ferrick said while it's wonderful to see the pews filled with so many people for Easter Mass, he hopes that people continue to come back and continue to nourish themselves with the Eucharist not just on Easter, but on the following Sundays.

"We need to be fed, nourished, daily, weekly, and as Catholics we believe it's the Eucharist that feeds us spiritually. So we shouldn't deprive ourselves of that spiritual nutrition by coming to the Eucharist, Many times during the pandemic, people were watching mass via live stream and they lost sight. There's a big difference, it's important that we had that, but what we were missing was our lord in the Eucharist."

The Easter season doesn't end after Easter Mass, in the Catholic Church it continues for the next 50 days until Pentecost.