Monday marked the opening of an Erie summer-time staple, Sara's.

This iconic Erie restaurant greets folks as they enter Presque Isle State Park.

The sunshine on April 1, welcomed many people back to Sara's for their grand reopening for the season as they eagerly awaited their famous orange and vanilla twists, hot dogs and burgers.

Sara's owner Sean Candela said there's nothing better than seeing people lined up for their favorite foods on opening day. "You see friendly faces, you see people saying hello, you get past employees coming in, it's just awesome", said Candela.

The twists were one of the many treats people ordered on Monday. Kenna Kuzma, a Sara's customer said, "I would describe it as a fun welcoming place where I would get ice cream and I would recommend the chocolate and vanilla on a cone."

While some chose chocolate, other customers picked out a Sara's signature. Callen Kuzma said, "Definitely the orange and vanilla twist."

Customers kept staff busy through opening day, but they are still on the hunt for more employees. As Candela explained, "We do need people, we would love to have people come down and apply, we have our core group from last year. We like to start adding, when we get into May 1, so if you want to get a job come down and apply, we can gradually work you into the system." If you are looking for a summer job, simply call Sara's to set up an interview.

Even though it takes a while to get things rolling, Candela said they are ready for another season, "It takes a while to get back into the swing off things and the bones loosened up but it's great", said Candela.

As far as their plans for the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse, they are still up in the air but will provide updates this week to their Facebook page.

Sara's is currently open from 11-8, but those hours will change around Memorial Day.