We are 6 days away from the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th. How is the eclipse going to impact wildlife?

Wildlife experts suggest planning to watch the eclipse where you can observe animals and nature during the event. The Erie Bird Observatory's Executive Director Sarah Sargent tells us that she has seen a total eclipse in the past.

"It was really exciting," said Sargent. "It got darker and the stars came out and some of the street lights came on."

Sargent says the light will gradually decrease as the moon passes in front of the sun. As it gets dark, birds may quiet down, perceiving it as nighttime.

During the eclipse, Sargent tells us that nocturnal migrants may prepare for migration and songbirds might get vocal, because the eclipse can prompt singing in birds.

"We've had months to plan ahead about what it might be like. The birds don't get that advanced warning."

For more information, contact the Erie Bird Observatory at (814) 580-8311