The courthouse turns blue this April, bringing awareness to Child Abuse Prevention Month. For the illumination of the courthouse, community leaders came together. The Executive director of the Crime Victim Center Paul Lukach  said awareness is vital. 

"The more people know about what child abuse is, and how to prevent it and how to go to authorities when they have questions, the safer our children are going to be, and quite frankly, our whole community is. When people say something and they just call 911 because I think something strange and the police go and check it out everybody safer because that happens," Lukach said. 

The Riders Adovacating Against Child Abuse also came in support. Some riders held pinwheels, and also some pinwheels were planted in front of the courthouse. Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center Michael Gaines said pinwheels are a symbol of protecting children and childhood abuse prevention. 

“It's a happy childhood thing. I think we all liked pinwheels when we were kids, and probably still do. Blue is the color for child abuse prevention. The pinwheels are usually blue. You try to put up a sign so people notice and then they understand that we're trying to raise awareness to protect kids," Gaines said. 

Gaines said for those wanting to help with raising awareness and prevention, there are few ways to do so.

“We need people of the community to help and there's many ways. The most simple way is to just keep an eye on the kids in your life and if you see any concerns, call the authorities. . . if somebody really wants to do more, we certainly always are happy for more volunteers -- both the Children's Advocacy Center and the Crime victim center. We have various events and various opportunities and different ways to help,” Gaines said.

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