A lot of people are wondering and worrying about traffic Monday, but Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) officials said they have learned a lot from other cities that have been through a Total Solar Eclipse.

PennDOT is not concerned about weekend traffic but said you may notice a little more. They anticipate the serious traffic jams will come when and if everyone tries to leave or get out of dodge at once after the eclipse is over.

Just as PennDOT has been preparing for this day, they want drivers to prepare. Permanent message boards and portable ones across the region and state remind people heading to Erie the solar eclipse is coming, and traffic slow downs will happen, especially Monday.

"Stay where you are," said Jill Harry, PennDOT spokesperson. "Enjoy the entire eclipse. For starters, don't leave as soon as totality ends and maybe even a little bit longer. Let those first bit of people trickle out of the city and then wait. Leave in kind of stages because with everyone tries to leave at the same time, that's that's the issue."

Another big concern for PennDOT is drivers on the interstate or even secondary roads will just stop and pull over wherever they are to look up at the eclipse. That is dangerous, and they warn you not to do it.

"Do not park along the interstate," said Harry. "Don't use the shoulder the median or the crossovers. Those are just not safe places, plus we need those areas for emergency vehicles should there be an unfortunate incident while we're having all of this traffic. We need people to find a safe location, and that's you parking in a parking lot or a designated parking area - not creating your own parking area along a roadway."

If you do get caught still traveling or stuck in traffic close to the totality time, PennDOT has created a special page on its PA 511 app to help you find a safe alternative where you can safely stop and watch.

"It gives people different alternatives on ways to get into the city and be able to plan 'are we going to make it the whole way in' or 'do we need to go to one of our other possibilities for watching,'" said Harry.

Harry said even your Monday morning commute  should be okay traffic-wise, but traffic will increase through the day.

One more tip - If you do get caught driving during the eclipse, turn on your headlights.