A group of "Girls in Stem," from Strong Vincent Middle School will have a special role in Perry Square during the total solar eclipse over Erie. Seven girls in the STEM club are working with Education Manager Claire West at the Experience Children's Museum to document the eclipse for NASA.

Recently Erie News Now showed you the special computerized telescope at the Experience Children's Museum that will join the Dynamic Eclipse Broadcasting Initiative from in cities from Texas to Maine.

Today we met Kyilee Menhart and Trinity Gerarde, two 6th grade students learning to use that telescope. "So like we like set up the camera to the right angle of the sun and stuff and we practice putting it together," Kyilee said.

And practice will make perfect when Erie is among 22 cities in the path of totality that will be uploading images to NASA on eclipse day. "We are going to be programming the camera to be directly towards where the solar eclipse is," Trinity said, "and we're going to start where it's not touching and then we're going to take after and during and before pictures."

Those photographs taken in Perry Square during the total solar eclipse, along with those from other cities, will be used for NASA research, and will be incorporated into an IMAX movie. "So the pictures are going to NASA and then there's going to be an IMAX movie and my name and Trinity's name will be at the end of the IMAX movie in the credits," Kyilee said.

And when the moon starts to move away from totally blocking the sun, and the sun peeks out looking like a diamond ring, the students will help alert visitors to Perry Square that it's time to put their eclipse glasses back on. "So when you see a diamond ring, we are going to tell people if they could take it [the glasses] off or not, and when it's moving away from the sun to put it back on," Kyilee added.

All this learning may prepare these "Girls in Stem" for careers in STEM.  Trinity's career aspirations?  "Honestly right now it's probably to be a scientist, because this is really cool, or a veterinarian," she said.  And Kyilee said what she likes about being in the STEM club with other girls is, "Learning new things, that you get to know a bigger opportunity in your life and probably change your career and try to aim for something that you actually enjoy."