I was at an Erie Seawolves game late last season with my family. Suddenly, something came on the video board that I had never seen or heard before. It was the "Seawolves Fight Song."  We all loved it.

"This is a call to the brave and bold to fight for and sail with the best"

It's a catchy tune. One that I couldn't get out of my head after I left the ballpark. I thought it must have been written by a PR firm or a professional jingle writer. I was wrong.  I learned it was written by Seawolves President Greg Coleman. He says the melody just came into his head one day as he was driving home from his office.

"When I got home, I didn't say hi to my wife. I kissed my daughter on the head. I went straight to the basement where the amplifier is, went down, and started strumming what was in my head,” remembers Greg.

Greg came up with the lyrics within the next two days. Just like that, his pirate-themed fight song was finished. The vocals and instrumentals were done by professionals. The video for the fight song was done in-house by Jason Dougherty. Jason is the Director of Entertainment for the Seawolves.

"The first thing I thought was a red sea, just because we are the Seawolves and everything. So, just kind of like us out on sea. Kind of setting sail,” says Jason.

The new song helped propel the team to victory throughout the playoffs and championship series. But, victories on the field were not the only reason Greg wrote the fight song.

"We are the fans of the Flagship City. Home of the fierce and the fun"

Greg made sure his lyrics mentioned Erie throughout the song.  He wants this to be a fight song not only for the team, but also for the community.

I take a lot of pride in Erie, Pennsylvania.  I think this is one of the greatest kept secrets in our country  Frankly, it's a little underappreciated," says Greg. "If we could tell the story of not just the baseball team that’s looking to fight and win, but also about the underdog spirit of Erie, Pennsylvania, that would be magical,” says Greg.

"Let's Go Seawolves! Let's Go Seawolves!  Erie, PA"

It's a tradition at Yankee Stadium that fans sing "New York, New York" after every victory. The Seawolves do not know if singing the fight song will be a tradition after victories at UPMC Park.   One thing is for sure, the song will be played in its entirety, and in snippets, throughout every game.