Katie Frazier joined Erie News Now as a meteorologist in May 2024. 

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada, Katie's early ambitions leaned towards marine biology, a field far removed from the meteorological sciences. Her childhood in Las Vegas, a city known for its hot, sunny, and occasionally cold weather, offered little in the way of meteorological phenomena, hardly inspiring Katie towards a career in meteorology. One summer, she realized she was particularly fascinated by cloud formations and radar readings, which caused her to change her mind and study the ever-changing world of meteorology.

Katie's academic journey led her to the University of South Alabama, chosen for its top notch meteorology program, warm climate, and proximity to the beach. Her time at the university was transformative, providing her not only with invaluable knowledge, but also with lifelong friendships. Katie enjoyed working as a technician, and eventually a manager, for the South Alabama Mesonet Program. Despite her initial shyness, she embraced the challenge of presenting weather forecasts on the green screen, a skill that would later define her career.

Upon graduating, Katie began her career in El Paso, Texas, where she joined ABC-7/KVIA as a Weekend Meteorologist and Reporter. Her time at the station allowed her to connect with the local community, sharing vital weather forecasts and reports. After just over two years, Katie began her freelance meteorology business, which has led her to forecast for a variety of cities across the United States! Now, as she begins her tenure with Erie News Now, she is excited to forecast the various weather changes for folks along Lake Erie!