WASHINGTON, D.C. - After months of stalling, the House of Representatives might take up legislation that aims to help our foreign allies. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R- LA) told members he’s considering separate votes for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.  

The House has faced pressure to pass the Senate’s version of a multi-billion dollar aid package to help Ukraine, Israel, the Indo Pacific and humanitarian efforts in Gaza. The Speaker has faced threats of being ousted from some of his far-right House Republicans if he put the Ukraine legislation on the floor. On Monday, the Speaker told members he plans to put separate bills for Ukraine, Israel and Indo Pacific on the floor this week. Members said by doing this, the Speaker can maintain job security for his own position as well as move forward with critical legislation individually.  

“So we’re getting there,” said Rep. Dan Meuser (R- PA). “There needs to be a high level of accountability for the American people on any funding that they’re paying for, for the Ukraine for Israel. We’re looking at loans, we’re looking at [inaudible] but separate bills. Taiwan as well for the Pacific. But a lot of us feel there needs to be protection of the US border as part of it and I’m one of them.” 

“We have to secure our borders before we secure anyone else's borders,” said Rep. Mike Kelly (R- PA). “Thats really a crucial point and we should be looking away from that but by the same token though, when you put everything in one package. And you have to make a vote on that and there's certain things in that I wouldn’t vote for had it not been single issue. And people can take the chance and see look fine they had a chance to vote on each of these things individually and now I can see who the person representing me voted and I think that makes it easier.” 

The Speaker said those bills could be put on the floor later on this week. We’re told a fourth bill could be put on the floor to ban the social media app TikTok but that is not confirmed yet. This new plan is not favored by all. There’s now a small but growing momentum to oust Speaker Johnson. With republican’s very small majority in the House, the Speaker might need help from across the aisle if the motion to vacate moves forward.