There is a neighborhood cat that comes up to my porch and meows at me.  I'm pretty sure she is saying 'Let me inside your house.' But, I'm not sure.

I traveled to Lawrence Park to meet Christine Longnecker. She says she would know exactly what that cat is thinking. Christine says she can communicate with animals.

"People have called me a witch.  People have called me Doctor Dolittle.  Any and all of the above. But yeah, I call myself an animal communicator,” she says.

Christine found that she was able to keep a spiritual connection with her grandmother after her beloved grandma died when Christine was eleven.  The same thing happened when Christine's father died when she was twenty.  One day soon after, a horse whinnied at her inside her stables.  She says she understood what the horse was saying.

She could communicate with live animals.

"It's not like they look at me and they whinny and you're like, 'Ah yes.  Hello' It's more of they send things into my brain or into my body and I have to interpret it or articulate it,” says Christine.  

Christine kept her communication abilities to herself believing others might think she was crazy. However, during COVID, she decided to share her gift with pet owners who want to know what their animals are thinking.  Christine began to offer her services online. All she needs is a picture of the pet and the animal's name. She reaches out. The animal answers.

"And it has absolutely blown up,” says Christine.  “I've talked to a dog in the Netherlands.  I've talked to horses in California.  I've talked to birds in Maine.  I've talked to every animal from every state and different continents and it's been the most fulfilling thing I've ever done with my life."

Christine says people want to know what may be bothering their pet.  They want to know if their pets are happy and healthy.  Abby Sorensen is a longtime friend of Christine.  She immediately reached out to Christine when her dog Rosie began acting forlorn during a trip to a friend's house in Connecticut.  Christine found out that Abby's dog wanted to be in an upstairs bedroom with sheets that smelled like lavender.

"So knowing that Rosie could make this connection with Christine and we could so quickly make her feel better was just incredible,” says Amy.

"Animals communicate with each other but they don't use words. They're using some sort of telepathy or whatever.  I'm just tuning into the same channel,” adds Christine.

Christine says her clients include owners of race horses and show dogs who want to know what may be affecting their animal's performance.  To find out more about Christine's work, including how to schedule an appointment and the cost, go to her website