It was quite a build-up to the total solar eclipse. News coverage on every possible angle you could think of.  I never thought I would do another story on the eclipse.  However, it was such a wonderful experience for me, I wanted to do one more.

I visited Kelly Giewont, owner of Kelly's Sewing Corner in the Village West Plaza in Millcreek.  Months ago, she and other merchants at Village West knew that the total solar eclipse would be a big deal in Erie, drawing thousands and thousands of people. 

"By that point, the merchants had gotten together and said, 'Well, this is a big event. We'll have a lot of people in Erie so we need to do something.' So we were trying to draw people into the plaza,” remembers Kelly.  

In January, the merchants decided to plan a big solar eclipse shopping bonanza to be held the weekend before the eclipse. Kelly immediately began to work on something special to attract visitors.  She made a magnificent solar eclipse quilt.  The quilt features the different stages of the eclipse with the total eclipse in the middle.  It wasn't an easy project. Even though Kelly started the quilt in January, she just managed to finish before the rush of visitors came to town.

"I had it finished four days before the eclipse.  I just got it hung on Friday before the eclipse,” says Kelly.  

Kelly showcased the quilt in her storefront window for one day. She took it down so the sunlight would not cause the colors to fade. The quilt has been on display in the center of the store ever since. Kelly quickly found out that the finished product was worth the effort. Eclipse visitors loved it as well as everyone else who has entered the sewing center since the eclipse.

"They all said it was beautiful and it was very nicely made,” says Kelly. “Many of them just stood there and stared at it.  They were just in awe to think you could take an eclipse and put it onto a quilt."  

All that work.  All that admiration.  If it were me, I would never part with this quilt.  Kelly says she would sell it.

"I would sell it. I can make another.  It wouldn't bother me at all,” she says.  

Kelly acquired the pattern from a designer in Canada.  Kelly has plenty for herself or for any other quilters who want to create a special memory from a special solar event in Erie.