In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, a Spring expo was held for local students in Warren County.

Over 32 different organizations were represented today at the "What’s Your 60?" Spring Expo, an event hosted by the Warren County Be Well Collaborative, where students were encouraged to learn about self-improvement.

“What we are doing today, is bringing resources to students," stated Erin Sudel, Warren County YMCA Be Well Collaborative Member. "We are letting them know what is available to them here in Warren County and introduce them to different organizations and activities that can help with the quality of their life.”

Resources spanned from volunteer opportunities with Warren General Hospital to learning how to rock climb.

Focusing on how to help local students enrich their lives. Learning new activities or trades they can accomplish in 60 minutes, days, or months.

“Overall, this has been fantastic," stated Christian Dye, Eisenhower High School Senior. "If I could rate it out of ten, I would give it a nine and a half, and the only reason why it’s not a ten is because its school.”

"I've had a chance to experience a bunch of new things," said Aidan Mancuso, Youngsville High School Senior. “It’s been pretty fun today."

Event organizers stated that the expo was a success, and they are looking forward to future endeavors.

For more information about the "What’s Your 60? initiative, visit here.