Summer is fast approaching and communities in the Erie region are hoping that many tourists will flock to the area to enjoy the warm sunshine, the cool waters, and the history. Some community leaders believe that a nice piece of furniture is needed to help draw some of those tourists.    

I made a trip to Harborcreek Township and saw a spectacular sight. Township supervisors have arranged to have a giant wooden chair erected at Shade's Beach, on the shores of Lake Erie.

"We always say Harborcreek has something for everybody and this is another example of one of those things we have for you to enjoy,” says Supervisor Steve Oler.  

The chair is 12 feet high and 9 feet wide.  The supervisors didn't have it built just so tired guys like me can take a rest break. They had it built as an attraction.  They want people to climb the chair, pose for a picture, and post that picture on social media.  That way, more and more people can learn that Shade's Beach is a wonderful place to have fun. The chair has been in place for only two weeks and the word is already getting out.

"And that's what we like about having it here,” says Supervisor Oler.  “People are putting Facebook posts up about it and they are showing off Shade's Beach.  We just love this beach and we want people to come enjoy it."  

The big chair was built by employees of the Parks and Public Works Department.  Next year it will be painted with bright colors.   Highlighted, of course, by the township logo.
Meanwhile in Union City, there's another big chair where I can climb up high and feel like a king.  But, this chair is not necessarily here for my comfort.  Union City used to be the “Chair Capital of the World.”  This chair was erected last summer to honor that history.  

"We had so much business manufacturing that was for furniture.  We since lost all that but we still are trying to recognize our heritage,” says Borough Manager Cindy Wells.   

The chair is located where Route 6 and Route 8 come together in downtown Union City.  It's one of the busiest intersections in Erie County.  The nice big chair is not the first giant piece of furniture to grace the intersection. Another chair called "The Welcome Chair" sat at the intersection for several decades before it was removed in the 1960s.  What a sight it was!   25 men could sit on that chair at one time. The new chair continues to honor those glory days of manufacturing.

The Union City chair is a large replica of a chair once built by the Standard Chair Company many years ago.  Construction of the chair was funded by the Erie Community Foundation and the Union City Community Foundation.  It was built by talented local citizen Dick Hasbrouck.