SB 269 passed in the State Senate with a bipartisan vote of 36-14.

The bill looks to reduce the personal income tax rate from 3.07 to 2.80% and also seeks to eliminate the gross receipts tax on energy.

Republicans such as State Senator Dan Laughlin said after talking with his constituents and hearing about economic struggles, the passage of this bill can provide some much needed relief.

"One thing that we do know for sure and agreed upon by every economist is when you put money back in people's pockets it goes back into the economy and it will be good for our gross domestic product," Laughlin said.

"What that would do is end up blowing a serious hole in the state budget that we cannot afford at this point," State Representative Pat Harkins said.

Harkins added that passing the bill can end up being fiscally irresponsible.

"Those kind of things in my opinion are gimmicks, we need to bite the bullet and do what is necessary right now, we have a Rainy Day Fund that we are sitting on and it is an amount of money that is very high and to me it is raining in a lot of these communities like Erie," Harkins said.

"What people are struggling with is inflation right now and we are in a financial position to help them so why not do it? I know that there are other spending priorities that the governor has and what not but quite frankly if the money is in your pocket then you can spend it on your priorities," Laughlin said.

Both legislators said that because of their party, Pennsylvania is on the right economic track.

"Gov. Wolf wanted to spend the Rainy Day Fund and we did not let him, not that some of it was not for important things that he had in mind but our fiscal responsibility got us in the position to be able to offer this tax cut to the good people in Pennsylvania," Laughlin said.

"We have a tendency in the House to pass things and they go, like my OSHA Bill, to the Senate and they die, they do not even get considered. The Senate parks them in a committee that they know they are never going to deal with and it is heartbreaking but the public has to realize it is all showmanship, show horses and workhorses and I am the workhorse," Harkins said.