The Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad had a special Mother's Day train ride. It was a Mother's Day adventure for the whole family. It's a new experience some got to have surrounded by loved ones.

"Oh, I’m just so glad I can do it, and be with my family," Helen Papsun said.  

Mom's got a special gift of fudge from a local candy shop that they could enjoy during the ride. People got the chance to sight-see, and overall there was a lot to love about this train ride.

“I like how the train is moving, and it feels like we’re moving, but we're sitting still. I like the open doors when we’re traveling in different cars. . . It's very cool. I love celebrating mommy," Hazel Geche said. 

General Manager Cheri Porter said that there is a lot to learn during the ride.

“Most of these cars are over 100 years old. [We] give them an experience with a mode of transportation that is fading off into history, which we are here to persevere as a part of the historical society,” Porter said.

Porter said it's a way to give a unique experience and celebrate moms for all the hard work they do.  

“We just hope the mothers have a special day. That they enjoy their train ride through the valley and we hope that they take away the fact that this is a vintage experience. We do [this] to say thank you to the mothers in the area to make things, and just give them the chance to have a little bit of something different and fun for the day that is theirs,” Porter said. 

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