A new foremast has been installed on the Lettie G. Howard by professional crew members and volunteers from the Flagship Niagara League (FNL). 

According to the FNL, the mast replacement project was a collaborative effort with the new mast coming from another schooner in Boothbay, Maine and was transported here to Erie. 

Crew and volunteers will continue the rigging and maintenance on the ship in preparation for the first several academic sail training ventures this summer. 

Additionally, The FNL's College History program with Mercyhurst University will take place later this month. The program offers students and professors a live aboard college credit course in maritime history and seamanship. 

Students will sail aboard the Lettie G. Howard to the west end of Lake Erie and various ports such as Put-in-Bay. 

The Lettie will continue to provide day sail adventures in Presque Isle Bay daily throughout October for local residents and tourists. 

More information on the Lettie G. Howard can be found here.