Red Lobster is closing dozens of stores across the United State, including its restaurant in Erie.

The Erie location is one of 48 restaurants to close.

It comes following reports that the Florida-based seafood chain had been considering filing for bankruptcy.

According to the liquidation company TAG-EX Brands, all of the equipment from the closed stores is being sold off.
Erie News Now spoke with Joe Bell, who serves as the director of corporate communications of Cafaro, which is the parent company of the Millcreek Mall.

Even though the restaurant is located in the Millcreek Mall Pavilion, Bell says it's a separate parcel of land that is owned and leased by Red Lobster.

Bell hopes to see a new restaurant quickly take over that location.

"There is something called co-tenancy where other businesses thrive off of the foot traffic of another property nearby," said Bell. "We know a lot of people like Red Lobster, a lot of fans of that particular type of restaurant. We're hoping that when it is auctioned to another restauranteur, they get open quickly."

Erie News Now reached out to Red Lobster for comment and we are still waiting for a response.