It is National Police Week and all around the country, there are different ceremonies and services taking place to honor the men and women who serve their communities.

Locally, the Fraternal Order of Police's Annual Memorial Service honors those who lost their lives in the line of duty. But it's also a reminder of the continued need for more men and women to serve their communities.

Captain Kirk Reese, the Commanding Officer for Troop E for the Pennsylvania State Police  said, "There is a danger about losing your life in this job, but law enforcement is a noble profession, it still is, no matter what no one tells you today. It's a noble profession and these days help us remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It's not a somber day, it's a day to celebrate their life, and their commitment and their job they did for the citizens of the Commonwealth."

Jason Morell, the President of the Fraternal Order of Police said a lot of the job is about getting out and serving society, "You are out in the community, you are out meeting people, and seeing people and dealing with people on a daily basis. So if someone is a person or wants to be or wants to do some good in their community, it's a great job to get into and strive for."

But working in law enforcement can be dangerous which makes recruitment challenging. As Morell explained, "The job is getting harder and harder, almost daily it's more and more difficult with technology and everything is under a microscope. "

After recent tragedies cross the country with officer involved deaths, how do local law enforcement make sure they are doing their part to keep their numbers up? Those in Erie said it's all about thinking of the bigger picture and serving one's country and community.

Morell said it can be hard to keep their numbers up, but he tries to remind future officers the importance of duty and service. "A lot of people don't understand the totality of everything that goes into the job. They just see a snippet from the news, maybe or something that happened, they don't see all the good that has gone on or what has led to some of these things either", said Morell.

Applications are due by June 30 for the Erie Police Department. The agility and written tests will be done in August.