A young lady from Corry took a major health challenge and turned it into a wish come true for her, and now for her entire community. 

The first time Erie News Now Sunrise Anchor Tracie Teudhope Make-A-Wish kid Avery Sontheimer, her wish was granted. 

Make-A-Wish surprised Avery with a beautifully branded trailer to house her pet food pantry. 

Her wish was to help feed animals in need, right here at home. Her passion for animals was on full display during this big reveal and it remains that way today.

Avery continues to work tirelessly to help animals in need. Since that big moment in 2020, she's grown her efforts even more so.

She just recently earned non-profit status for her organization, and she's quickly building partnerships for added impact.

Traci met up with her at one of her regularly scheduled pet food distributions and of course left inspired.

A teenager with a contagious smile, and a heart full of hope, Avery Sontheimer is on a mission to make a PAWsitive change in the world and she's starting here at home.

At the Corry Area Food Pantry, volunteers help feed neighbors in need with a monthly food distribution.

But now, a new partnership with Avery's PAWsitive Change Pet Food Pantry means the addition of 1,700 pounds of pet food! That's enough for a one-week supply for more than 360 pets.

"I think it's fantastic. She's got boxes around the community," said Dee Smith, Vice President of the Corry Area Food Pantry. "People can come as they need to and get pet food, and now she's got this, it's just awesome."

This distribution of food here and pet food too is the perfect example of teamwork helping the community. Avery's been doing this for quite some time and she's working hard to make sure nobody in her community goes unfed, and of course, that includes our furry friends, and it's making a big difference.

Avery's always been passionate about helping animals, and she's been collecting donations and distributing pet food around the region for several years now but just a few months ago, she secured official non-profit status for her organization.

"To take the initiative on her own and start up a non-profit, it's pretty amazing," said Smith. 

"It means I can get a lot more opportunities and help a lot more pets," said Avery. "I feel really great about it. I'm so thankful I have the opportunity to do something so amazing."

She says she finds joy in the reaction from the families she's able to help.

"They're super happy, kind of surprised, and very blessed," said Avery. 

And while Avery is helping her community fight a battle with hunger, she faces her own challenges.

"I continue to battle cancer each day," said Avery. "But this gives me something inspirational to do, and I just love doing it. Sometimes there are bad days, especially with my fight with cancer, but I just try to stay positive, and my followers give me a lot of good inspiration."

This teen is putting that inspiration to good use, helping today and planning ahead for tomorrow, with future endeavors already in the works. At just 17 years old, she's certainly inspiring others along the way. 

Avery's PAWsitive Change Pet Food Pantry will be at the Corry Area Food Pantry again on Friday, May 17. This regular monthly distribution runs from 9-10:30 a.m. and will continue every month. The distribution will always take place on the 3rd Friday of the month.