WASHINGTON, D.C. - Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a surprise visit to Ukraine earlier this week. He announced the US will provide an additional two billion dollars to help Ukraine. The visit by the Secretary was to also boost support for Ukraine as Russia continues to launch a major offensive.  

The State Department called the additional two-billion dollar aid for Ukraine is a first of its kind defense enterprise fund. 

“This is a multifaceted package that of course includes direct military financing for our Ukrainian partners but it also establishes an enterprise to solidify and reinvigorate Ukraine's defense industrial base,” said Vedant Patel, Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department. 

Patel adds the two-billion also helps Ukraine buy weapons from other allies and partners. The money mostly draws from the roughly 60 billion dollars from the congressional aid package for Ukraine. Secretary Blinken said the aid comes at a critical time. Russia is launching an intense offensive on the northeast city of Kharkiv but many are concerned the aid comes a little too late.  

“Everyday certainly matters and everyday has had an impact and consequence in the delay,” said Patel referring to Congress’ delayed aid package. “As you know, our point of view from across this administration was a hope and desire it passed much sooner but we are so glad it did pass and we are working across the clock at the State Department and the Pentagon to do everything we can to get our assistance over to the Ukrainians that they need to defend and protect their territorial sovereignty.” 

As the US helps meet Ukraine's immediate military needs, the State Department said they’re also helping the Ukrainians build up their economy as well as strengthening democracy and rooting out corruption. Finally, they’re also helping Ukraine get closer to NATO membership. Secretary Blinken said his recent visit to Ukraine was to also send a message: Ukraine is not alone. 

"For anyone who is tempted to bet against Ukraine, don’t,” said Sec. Blinken in Ukraine.