For American Legion Post 11 Commander Charles Casey, it's an annual tradition.

The U.S. Air Force veteran and volunteers spent their day in Trinity Cemetery, placing 1,500 American flags on the graves of veterans.

"Being a veteran during the Korean War, it reminds me of some of the people who died valiantly," said Casey. "I just enjoy doing it and so does my family."

For Erie Treasurer and U.S. Army veteran Casimir Kwitowski, it's a chance to honor the memory of veterans who have passed away.

"In the military, they teach you nobody is left behind," said Kwitowski. "You always remember the people that were in front of you, so this is our way of honoring them."

Member of the post and volunteers walk throughout the cemetery looking for markers which indicate that the person was in the military.

"They go all they way from the Civil War," said Casey. "It's innumerable how many and all the other wars that were here."

While they are gone, Casey is making sure they are not forgotten.

"Our veterans are ignored sometimes and it hurts," said Casey. "Your station is doing a lot for it, so we appreciate it."