While many people might put off cleaning at home, it is what keeps an Erie County-based business in operation, for now, more than 70 years.

Erie News Now is checking out the changes over the years, and how it's always been a family affair.

At Bonded Services, the company has a long history in the Erie area.

It started as a window cleaning company by one man who did sales and the actual cleaning. What he began, his son and grandson have now grown.

"It's almost unreal to realize what my dad started and what I built, and what my son's building is probably the proudest thing I've ever done, except for having kids," said Randy Nyberg. 

Family photos fill company president, Randy Nyberg's office, adding character to the family-run business his dad began.

"Showed me the ropes, taught me about dealing with customers," said Randy.  

As teenagers, Randy and his son, Eric, both worked summer jobs with the company.

Through the years, more services were added at the janitorial company.

"We also do carpet cleaning, fire restoration, water damage, mold remediation," said Eric Nyberg. 

Vice President Eric Nyberg says there's someone on staff certified for each division. He manages day-to-day operations, including six supervisors who oversee cleaning crews.

"Often called by residential customers for carpet and upholstery cleaning," said Eric. "Commercially, we service over 2 million square feet of industrial commercial space daily."

There are free estimates, including for challenging jobs.

"Some of the tougher things are the hoarding jobs," said Eric. "Water damage, just because of the affect it has on the homeowners."

Eric tells Erie News Now there are many loyal and long-time customers because the number one focus is quality for customers.

"If my grandfather was still alive, I think he would be very happy with how things have turned out," said Eric. 

While the company headquarters moved over the years in Erie, Bonded Services also has locations in Meadville and Warren.