We are getting into wedding and family reunion season, a time where places to hold these special events are getting booked.

In this week's Giving You the Business Report, Erie News Now takes you to a tucked-away place in Clymer, New York. A husband and wife went through a lot to buy it, and as it becomes their dream, they are hoping it will be the place where others can create their special moments. Not just by hosting a party there, but by staying there.

"I think every time I still walk in, I'm like, 'Hey, this is ours,'" said Chelsea Ellsworth. 

Chelsea Ellsworth is talking about the main building of Bear Ridge Destination. A spot to host special events, and a place to stay and enjoy them.

"We get the pleasure of sharing one of the most important days of a lot of people's lives, and we get to do it over and over again," said Seth Ellsworth. 

Chelsea and her husband, Seth, became owners in March 2024.

"We said there's no way we can undertake something like this if the whole family isn't committed," said Seth. 

That includes their three daughters.

Who help out with weddings and other private events booked in the main building, a grandiose structure with an upstairs area that leads onto an outdoor balcony. A place the owners say is one of their favorite spots on the whole 99 acres.

It overlooks an outdoor chapel, with hand-carved benches, seated in a wooded area – one of several spots to hold a ceremony.

But that main building has another draw: a lower level complete with a kitchen, a living room area with a washer and dryer, and several rooms for a bridal party or a safe place for guests to stay.

All of the "Barndominium Suites" have private bathrooms.

This was the dream of the Ellsworths' late friend, Sheldon. He laid the groundwork, and Seth helped with some of the carpentry before Bear Ridge opened in 2022.

They knew what this could become...

"This place is meant to be as amazing as Sheldon envisioned," said Seth. "So, we've got to keep going. So that served to motivate us."

Sheldon had also built and furnished an intimate cabin on site, pushed back near a pond, a possible cove for a bride and groom after the big day.

Right at the entrance at Bear Ridge are two homes. They actually serve as AirBnBs to the general public. The Manor can house up to 19 people inside, with private bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen, and other amenities.  The space can be used for any guest that might be here for a wedding or other private event. 

The Estate is a three-level farmhouse with multiple areas to relax, fireplaces, a sunroom off the kitchen and bedrooms, and a porch area. It's steps away from a tipi where guests can go inside to sit and visit.

Some use the venues on site for a day-of event, from morning to night. However, all parties have the option of bringing in their own caterers and other vendors.

"It allows them to choose whatever they would like to make it their own," said Chelsea. 

As the owners work to expand their offerings to host parties or corporate events year-round, it certainly is a serene, spacious, and unique place. The owners will also be adding more character to the grounds with a chicken coop.