Iroquois School District has a similar phone policy to the one Millcreek's school board voted to approve Tuesday. At all Iroquois schools, students are not allowed to have their phones on them during the school day. 

Phones must be placed in student's lockers. They are given detention if caught using their phone.

Superintendent Shane Murray said the policy, which has been in place for about a decade, has cut down on bullying and distractions in school.

There were about 100 phone violations at Iroquois Jr/Sr High School last school year. Murray was happy with those numbers, considering there are about 550 students there.

He is in support of Millcreek adopting a similar phone policy to Iroquois. 

"I think [if] they look at the current shows what a distraction cellphones are and how dangerous they are to the environment for kids. Especially with social media use being as is," he said.

"I think they can't go wrong by putting some sort of limitations in place."

There have been discussions about loosening the policy at Iroquois but Murray said that is unlikely given how beneficial he feels it has been.