Mental Health Awareness month just wrapped up a few days ago but it is a struggle so many people deal with on a daily basis.

In this week's Giving You the Business report we take you to a place where there's one-on-one help for that, and other life challenges.

Ryan Henry is an antique collector. He is also a licensed professional counselor and displays his finds in his office at Sophrosyne Counseling Services along West Ridge Road in Millcreek.

"Sophrosyne is actually a Greek word. It comes from the idea of the ideal version of ourselves," said Ryan. 

That's what Ryan and the other licensed professionals help people with.

There's a total of six professionals helping early adolescents to senior citizens through life's challenges, including family therapy, couples counseling, and more.

"We meet you where you need to be met," said Ryan. 

And that can be done in person or virtually.

Ryan specializes in helping ages 18 and older. 

"[I use] Scientifically tested therapy techniques to go ahead and help people achieve the goals that they set for themselves," said Ryan. 

Art therapy may be part of sessions within the office. Overall services have grown since Sophrosyne opened a few years ago.

"Since the pandemic, specifically, we've seen a really high spike in anxiety," said Ryan. "Things like depression have come to the forefront of people, going ahead and noticing, 'Hey, I'm not where I want to be. I need to do something different."

Ryan says he often uses his own experience of being bullied in high school, to help others. He offers advice to help get through the day if you are struggling or helping someone who is struggling.

"The one thing I do to really supplement myself and my work is meditation," said Ryan. "I meditate at least 10 minutes per day."

A perspective for a healthy balance to become Sophrosyne, the best version of yourself.