An East Erie neighborhood is looking for answers after a fire tore through a house early Wednesday morning.
"I looked out my bedroom window, which is toward the back, and I saw the glow before I even realized that it was one of the neighbor houses that had caught fire," said Jennifer Butler.
Just before 5 this morning, she watched a neighboring house go up in flames, only able to hope everyone got out safely. 
"Panicky," she said of her emotions. "Worried about whether there were kids or animals in the house."
She watched as firefighters raced to East 11th Street near Parade Street, met by flames shooting out of the roof.
"The first crews arrived on scene and they had heavy black smoke pouring out of the south side of the building," said Chief Fire Marshal Donald Sauer.
He says no one was home, and firefighters saved two dogs.
No one was hurt, but the fire department is still looking for answers and doesn't yet know what caused the fire.
"We haven't found any owners yet, Sauer said. "The neighbors believe that the owners worked third shift, and by the time we left a little after nine, no one had come home."
Although the home is badly damaged, Sauer says it might be able to be saved.
But for now, the residents, once located, will have to live elsewhere as they start putting their lives back together. 
"The whole roof is heavily charred from north to south, east to west," Sauer said. "So depending on how much it is going to cost to get that roof replaced, that's up to insurance companies.”
No neighboring buildings were damaged, as firefighters managed to contain the flames to one building. 
Sauer says fire officials will revisit the scene in the coming days, working to learn more about what caused the fire.