For a number of school districts here at home, today's the last day before summer break. That list includes Millcreek, where students and staff are excited to wrap up another school year.

Erie News Now visited a kindergarten class at Grandview Elementary School as they wrap up the school year. The class was buzzing with excitement. Students were playing with their friends and told us they're excited to move up to the first grade. However, they weren't the only ones celebrating a milestone.

Christine Rys and Sherri Shaffer met in Kindergarten at Grandview Elementary. They graduated from McDowell together and are now retiring from the Millcreek School District the same year.

"When you form friendships that stay so early on, there's something pure about that," said Christine.

The duo has been together for all of each other's milestones from childhood to retirement.

"I don't know what I'd do without her," said Sherri. "She's a wonderful friend."