Home healthcare workers from across the state converged on Harrisburg this week, asking for accountability from the agencies that pay them. Members of the SEIU union flooded the capitol with purple as they visited lawmaker offices.

The workers help clients with physical and mental disabilities who may not qualify as senior or i/da needs. They lobbied for a bipartisan co-sponsored bill that would require home healthcare agencies to be more transparent about where state money is being spent... requiring 80% of the income to go to workers.

Currently, the bill memo says agencies average spending $13 on care out of $20 that comes from the state. That averages to around 65% of the money being spent on care.

"I know, like right now my nephew is making more at Mcdonald's than I'm making and I literally have my brother's life in my hands,” said Dawnne Foland, a home health care worker from East Springfield, PA. “And he's an easy client. I can't imagine if I had to lift him, carry him, bathe him, put him in a wheelchair every day. I can't imagine doing that, for the amount of money I get."

Dawnne shared that workers hope pay transparency will lead to higher pay, and in turn attract more workers to the industry. Right now, for every 6 people in need of care, there is 1 worker.