Ere News Now first told you about Dan and Emma and their Presque Challenge when they began in June. The father-daughter duo is walking the loop of the peninsula every day to raise money for local organizations who help those with special needs.

If you have been to Presque isle this month, chances are you may have crossed paths with Dan Perritano and his daughter, Emma. "We do see a lot of the same people every day, bikers and walkers and runners. There's always some pleasantries and a nice hello so people l do and ask about what we are doing", explained Dan.

They are walking to raise money for local non-profits. "We are walking today for Erie Homes, specifically the move program. Emma is an attendee, she goes every day. Emma loves the move program, it's a wonderful program."

Typically it's just Dan and Emma walking this path at Presque Isle, however, on Sunday, they got some extra support and fanfare from the EHCA. When they began their thirteen mile walk for the day, they were greeted with signs and supporters.

Mona Skitka, a DSP at EHCA said, "We heard a lot about him and his daughter, she goes to one of our programs, so we wanted to come out, we made little signs."
Although sometimes a challenge, caretakers said they love the work they do caring for their residents every day." I love my residents, look at her tiny face, how could you not, that's my little baby", said Skitka.

People and organizations like the EHCA is why Dan and Emma are walking every day together. "All of these organizations, Erie Homes, Voices for Independence, the Ark, do a wonderful job of advocating for families and for special needs adults and children", said Perritano.

 If you missed them on Sunday, you will be sure to find Dan and Emma bright an early on Monday morning.

You can head to Emma and Dan's Presque Isle Challenge on Facebook page to donate.