It's the first full week of summer vacation for students in the Millcreek School District, but some administrators are already looking towards next school year.

The Millcreek School District is planning to run a smaller bus fleet next school year. As a result, the high school start time is moving up 20 minutes, and the middle schools are moving back 15 minutes.

"We've had a national shortage, a regional shortage, and a local shortage of bus drivers in the last several years," said Millcreek Assistant Superintendent Trevor Murnock. 

The district says they will move from a two tier to three tier busing system, meaning the middle and high schoolers will no longer be picked up at the at the same time. Now, each level (Elementary, Middle and High School) will each be given their own bus run. Murnock tells us this new system will take less drivers.

"With the high school moving up the start time, the vast majority of the buses are already there at the time they will be in the upcoming year," said Murnock. "It won't be a huge change, but the car riders and walkers need to note the earlier start time."

According to Millcreek School District, Families will be notified of these changes this week.