WASHINGTON, D.C. (Erie News Now) -- Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Washington this week to testify in front of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic over his handling of the pandemic, specifically in nursing homes. 

This deposition comes one week after the subcommittee's hearing with Dr. Anthony Fauci, as Republicans continue to put the country's COVID-19 response in the spotlight. 

“There's been so much pain in our state because of those 15,000 lives lost. And we need answers to those difficult questions,” said Congressman Nick Langworthy (R- NY). 

New York House Republicans, including Langworthy, said accountability from the former governor, who resigned in 2021, is long overdue. 

"The way Governor Cuomo left office, under a cloud and threats of impeachment due to sexual harassment in the workplace, he kind of vanished quickly and accountability was never a possibility,” said Langworthy. 

In March 2020, Cuomo's administration instructed nursing homes to accept residents recovering from COVID after they were discharged from hospitals. 

“That directive followed the CMS and CDC federal guidance,” said Cuomo. “If I knew then what I know now, I would have told my Department of Health: ‘Don't listen to the federal government. They don't know what they're talking about.’” 

Cuomo defended himself this week and said the decision, like many others, was based on federal guidance. 

“We had COVID first and worst,” said Cuomo. “What New Yorkers did saved tens of thousands of lives.” 

Cuomo also said infected nursing home workers were a major factor in the crisis that unfolded. 

“The infected workers were bringing it in through what they call asymptomatic spread,” said Cuomo. 

Rep. Langworthy believes it’s unfair to point the finger at the healthcare workforce. 

“He's vilifying those workers. It's wrong,” said Langworthy. “They went to work while the rest of us stayed home to stay safe and keep our families safe. I don't know that there's a wrong greater than taking COVID positive patients, putting them back into nursing homes.” 

Congressman Langworthy says although these hearings and proceedings won’t heal the wounds left behind by loved ones, they can still hold the former governor accountable for his actions and create a historical record of this. 

"Being able to ask the question to someone we thought we would no longer be able to, I think this is what we set out to do with this committee,” said Langworthy. 

“This is a hyper political environment. I believe the federal government failed this nation, and yes, it was the executive. But by the way, the Republican Congress was right there,” said Cuomo.