If you live in Northwestern Pennsylvania, you've probably been asked many times to buy a candy bar to help a charity.  You just can't say no.  That's especially the case when the man selling the candy bar is Calvin Kreider.

Calvin selling candy bars to benefit his favorite charities is a regular sight in Albion and points beyond.  I’m joining him outside the Dollar General in Albion.  As usual, business is booming. Who can resist this gentle, good-hearted, and jovial salesman?

A woman drives up and asks Calvin how much his candy bars cost.  “ A dollar apiece,“ he replied with a smile.

Calvin began selling candy bars about 20 years ago to help a campaign by the Because You Care animal shelter.  Because You Care supplied the candy bars. Calvin did the selling.  The campaign ended but Calvin kept on selling.  Ann Bucceri, the office manager at Because You Care, supplies Calvin with the candy. She says he's sold 35,000 candy bars for the shelter since she began keeping records in 2010. 

"That's just for me,” says Ann. “He sells it for other people too.  That's just for Because You Care."  

Calvin also sells candy bars to benefit the Northwestern Community Youth Center.  According to records on file at the center, Calvin has sold 39,640 candy bars for that organization since 2011.  Figuring that the charities make 50 cents on each candy bar sold, that's a lot of money Calvin has generated for the organizations.  Calvin says he will get his reward from above.

"You do a good deed, you get some kind of good deed back,” he says.

Calvin also likes to sell the candy bars in Edinboro.  It's 13 miles away. He doesn't drive. He will begin to walk towards the Boro along Route 6N but usually will not have to travel a half mile before someone gives him a ride.  Everyone around here knows Calvin Kreider.

"Most of the time it's always been a good looking woman who would stop and pick me up,” says Calvin with a laugh.  

Everyone knows Calvin.  Calvin knows everyone.  He remembers what kind of candy bars you like.  He remembers your name. He remembers your birthday.  No wonder he sells so many candy bars!

"He's just a great guy.  Everybody loves Calvin,” declares Ann.

Calvin is a busy man.  He works his shift doing maintenance work at the McDonald's restaurant in Albion.  He then goes out and sells his candy bars.  He's 69-years old and may retire from McDonald's next year.  He says he will still sell the candy.  Calvin makes a lot of his sales at high school football and basketball games.