"So we unfortunately lost Taylor in April of 2021 to Fentanyl," Maria Miller, the mother of Taylor said.

Taylor Miller was just 27 years old when she lost her life. The Erie County Coroner's Office tested Taylor's blood and found levels of both fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Prior to that Taylor was struggling with substance use and some mental health issues, off and on for about eight years," Miller said.

Maria and Keith's inspiration to start their own non-profit, actually came from their daughter. Taylor began the HOPE page; Heroin Overdose Prevention in Erie, after losing one of her friends in 2014.

"Taylor's Hope is our non-profit, named in memory and honor of Taylor," Miller said. "Our goal is to save lives and be able to get information out there and treatment options for people."

Miller acknowledged the fact that not everyone is so willing to come forward and get the proper help that they need.

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid of the stigma," Miller said. "There are so many people that support you, get the help that you need. It is there and it is available."