Owning your own business, it's a dream for many people. There's a place in Millcreek where new or existing business owners are able to "separately" showcase their work—all in the same building. It's a growing idea.

Up-close and personal service. That's what Giovanna Prince does.

She's the owner of The Lash Mob, which provides facials, waxing, and yes, lashes—complete sets, fills, and extensions.

She took her Instagram-based business into this space for clients.

It's inside My Salon Suites Erie off 26th Street in Millcreek.

"That is what was scary. The start-up. There are so many layers of starting a business," said Giovanna Prince. "He had it on paper, a list. These are the things you need to do in this order, and I opened up in 12 days from signing a lease to opening, which was insane, but I felt like it was meant to be."

The "he" she's referring to is owner Randy Clause. The longtime electrical contractor worked on two similar places in the Pittsburgh area.

The New Castle native and his wife, who is a longtime hairstylist, opened up the business two months ago in Erie County.

"Own your own business. Keep all your commission to yourself, and you just pay me a percentage of your weekly rate—that's all you're going to pay me," said Randy. "So, they can get anywhere from 30 to 45 percent more income, not on their pay."

And "they"—are wellness providers with a PA state license, like stylists, even makeup or tattoo artists. All sign a one-year lease for a furnished unit.

"Esthetician, Botox, microblader, nail tech, salons, massage, chiropractors," said Randy. 

There are 31 total spots. Renters get to pick paint colors and cabinets, which Randy puts up. Plus, with being a part of the franchise.

"A lot of advertising they help you on, a lot of marketing ideas they help you on," said Randy. 

One of the big draws of My Salon Suites Erie is the security. There's an intercom system outside that will get you into this lobby when you have an appointment, and then often times, the suite owners will send a code to your smart-phone you can use to swipe right in front of theirs and get you into your appointment. 

Because of that—appointments that can be scheduled whenever.

"It's nice because I have the flexibility to be with my family. I can work when I want to," said Giovanna. "I started with 17 clients, and within three weeks, doubled that."

Giovanna is growing her business one lash at a time. 

There are a number of spaces still available inside My Salon Suites on West 26th Street.