For the last three years, Erie News Now has honored veterans and their families every Thursday night.

It's stories of service and sacrifice. This week, Mike Ruzzi is featuring the story of John Scherrer, a graduate of Academy High School and a proud brother of two other veterans.  

"When I think it through, it's pretty remarkable all my parents sons were paratroopers," said John. 

His tour of duty lasted three years in the U.S. army, and he was inspired by his two older brothers who also served. One of John's brothers was a decorated Vietnam veteran.

"He served in Vietnam, was wounded and after recovery the Army pretty much asked him what he wanted to do and he wanted to go to flight school," said John. "My other brother followed my oldest brother's footsteps." 

After his tour of duty, he found ways to give back.

"I'm very proud to be a veteran," said John. "I'm involved with a group of local veterans with Project Healing Waters, a fly fishing group. There's nothing like the fellow camaraderie." 

John Scherrer, thank you for your service.