For the last three years, Erie News Now has honored veterans and their families every Thursday night.

This week, we are featuring the journey of Don Grumblatt, a U.S. Navy veteran who enjoys every minute of every day.

Surgery took away some of his speech, but as Mike Ruzzi reports, Don has the heart of a lion. 

Don Grumblatt served on the USS Stanton, and his tour of duty included World War Two and Korea.

A graduate of Academy High School, Don signed up for duty three months after receiving his diploma. He also had a younger brother who served in the U.S. Air Force.

Don will turn 98 in November and is still driving from Asbury Springs to visit a friend in Cambridge Springs. And when near water, he never hesitates to do a cannonball.

Don has truly enjoyed every minute of his 97-plus years, and we thank him for his service.