Forty-six local authors had the chance meet fans and sign copies of their books at a book signing event on Saturday. Werner Books and Coffee hosted a huge book signing event.

Kyle Churman, the co-owner of store talked about what drove him to organize this event.
He said, " I think the biggest thing is exposure it really gives the authors a chance to meet new reading and to meet new people and sell some books, I think it's really great for authors to get In front of people that want to read their books."

Out of all the authors, Heidi Kerner explained why she decided to write about women's empowerment.
Heidi Kerner said, "So I wrote my first book "Step Into The Spotlight" what I love to do is inspire women, to get their confidence on, so I teach secrets to my success, how did I go from a shy little girl, to a motivational speaker and author."

Kyle Churman said "The goal is for people to sell their books, but I think more than anything it's to expose the readers to their work and meet some fans"
After the success of this event, Churman hopes to host more events like these in the future for local authors.