When businesses make changes, leaders often get guidance first. That can come in many forms. In this week's Giving You the Business Report, sponsored by the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, Erie News Now checks out the work of a local company who is there for the assist in helping places be the best they can be.

A new and improved look at the expERIEnce Children's Museum has been a long process. With several phases to complete before or the end result of bringing smiles to the faces of visiting kids and their families.

The two women that helped in that process created a strategic plan for the museum upgrade.

"So, we do a lot of things to help organizations get to the next level and live into their mission," said Jacqui Catrabone. 

Jacqui Catrabone is the Chief Operating Officer of Strategy Solutions, a business consulting group that works with all industries & sectors, sizes, and budgets for research, marketing, and even filling roles.

"We've been the acting planning department, the acting marketing department, the acting fundraising department for organizations," said Jacqui. "Then we help get it up and operational, train the new staff, and then let them go on their way." 

Jacqui has been with Strategy Solutions for nearly two decades. She's part of a staff that has grown from two full-time employees in 1998, all under the direction of company founder, Debra Thompson.

"Today, we have a core team of six full-time employees and a consulting team of 26 consultants that are subject matter experts," said Debra. 

Debra says they have local, regional, and national clients. With their largest one in Alaska.

"We actually get a lot of business and referrals from speaking engagements that we do," said Debra. 

That includes training sessions, some virtual, but mostly in person.

They are also working on their own research, with a special project. 

"We're actually gonna ask men their feedback and input on observations on the challenges women leaders face," said Debra. 

Part of many plans ahead for the business that's built a foundation for more than 25 years. 

Debra and Jacqui also just wrote a book called Leap of Faith, which is Strategic Planning for Churches and Faith-Based Ministries.