About 24 hours after Hurricane Beryl made landfall in Texas, millions of people are still without power this morning. Parts of Southeast Texas are trying to dry out after Hurricane Beryl slammed into the state on Monday. 

The storm dumped nearly 10-inches of rain in downtown Houston in 24 hours. That's more than two month's worth of rain in a single day.

At least seven deaths in the Houston area are being linked to beryl.

Here in Erie, people are looking to help those impacted by the storm. 

Right now, there are 3 volunteers from Erie and 10 total from the Northwest Pennsylvania regional chapter deployed in Texas. They are a part of 400 volunteers the Red Cross sent ahead of Beryl making landfall.

Erie News Now spoke with the Red Cross' Executive Director Mary Rogers. She tells us that a 4th volunteer from Erie is being sent on Wednesday, but having people stationed in the area prior to the storm hitting has been a tremendous help.

"The problem is, you're going into an area that has been damaged by a storm. Sometimes, you can't fly into that immediate area," said Rogers. "It's much easier to have people on the ground close to where we think it's going to hit so that we are prepared."

Rogers says volunteering or monetary donations are the best ways to help.

To sign up to volunteer or to make a donation, click here.