Doug Pontzer shared a memory of his first time being deployed for hurricane relief in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida.

"This one lady was looking out for her elderly aunt who had dementia, there was nobody else around," Pontzer said. "This stranger, this person she had never met, who also lived in the shelter and had lost everything was helping this lady look after her aunt."

A memory like that was enough for Pontzer to know that his time volunteering was worth it.

"It was just a beautiful thing to watch how human beings come out of the woodwork to help each other in these kinds of situations," Pontzer said. "These people they lost everything and are willing to help their neighbor. That is very inspiring, it makes you want to go back and help again."

This is the fourth time Pontzer will be deployed by the American Red Cross: Louisiana for Hurricane Ida, Florida after Hurricane Ian, Fires in Hawaii and now Houston Texas. Pontzer was more focused on others volunteering rather than his own time.

"Go online, just apply, just see the information, call the red cross, the numbers are all over the place," Pontzer. "There's lots of jobs, lots of volunteer jobs available."

There is also the option to donate online, but volunteering your time is just as, if not, more important.

"For me, I'm not rich," Pontzer said. "So I can volunteer my time, that is important too."

For any information on how to get involved visit the American Red Cross Website: Northwestern Pennsylvania Chapter