The county of Warren is tackling the issue of population decline with a new initiative.

The Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry hosted their second public stakeholder meeting for the Warren Worx Initiative on Wednesday, July 10th at the Hampton Inn in Warren, PA.

It was standing room only in the conference center as Warren Worx introduced their new marketing director, Jenny Phillips, and Truth Collective, a marketing solutions company based out of Rochester, NY who were chosen to lead the initiative.

“I was super excited to see the turnout of folks tonight," stated Jim Decker, President and CEO of Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry. "Frankly I didn’t know them all.  But that was really the idea behind Warren Worx, to get people together that we are not used to seeing. To get people to come together and share their thoughts, their beliefs, their desires, and really help to shape a new and engaging Warren County.”  

“The WCCBI and Visitors Bureau have been doing a great job helping businesses and building tourism," stated Jenny Phillips, Marketing Director for the Warren Worx Initiative. "This is the next step. Now we are paying attention to the county as a whole, and bringing exposure to the smaller communities, highlighting what they have to offer.  Being a Warren native, it’s an honor to have been selected and something that I’m definitely looking forward to.”

Small group sessions were held during the meeting, allowing community members to share their thoughts on key issues.

Chamber representatives also explained why they chose Truth Collective to lead their initiative.

“The one thing that really stood out to everyone on the committee was the fact that they (Truth Collective) are focused on branding, and creating a brand," stated Decker. "We really needed to focus on someone who could give us that, along with the best tools that will allow us to implement this initiative on our own.”

Warren Worx will be hosting monthly public meetings at different locations across the county, where public feedback is encouraged.

For more information about the Warren Worx initiative, visit here.