Tall Ships Erie 2022, a celebration of maritime heritage, will soon be underway. 

Here's a look at the vessels sailing into Erie for the festival this year:

U.S. Brig Niagara: The Niagara is one of the most historically authentic tall ships in the U.S., it is a reproduction of Commodore Oliver Perry's victorious flagship from the Battle of Lake Erie (War of 1812) 

Mama and Baby Duck: The Mama Duck is the world's largest rubber duck, weighing 11 tons, and is over six stories tall.

Lettie G. Howard: The Lettie was built in 1893, and is believe to be the last surviving example of a Fredonia fishing schooner, a vessel commonly used in the North Atlantic. 

Empire Sandy: The Sandy is Canada's largest schooner, the ship has 11,000 sq. ft. of canvas and double cannons that are fired off at special times.

Appledore IV: The Appledore is owned and operated by BaySail, a non-profit in Bay City, Michigan. The name was chosen as a tribute to the commissioners wife, whom he first saw while sailing off Appledore Island. 

St. Lawrence II: St. The St. Lawrence was built in 1953 and is part of a sail training program, lead by Brigantine Inc., with hopes to broaden youth horizons. 

Trinidad: The Trinidad is a replica of a 15th century square sail ship, built to celebrate Huelva's 525th anniversary. The ship services as a traveling ambassador for Huelva, visiting Spanish, European, and American ports. 

Pride of Baltimore II: The Baltimore is a reconstruction of an early 19th-century Baltimore Clipper. The success of this type of ship during the American Revolution inspired the Royal Navy to attack Baltimore in 1814, where Francis Scott Key saw the American Flag still flying and was inspired to write the "Star-Spangled Banner."