Monroe Township, Ohio - A man was killed in a hunting accident Monday in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

The victim has been identified as Randy Gozzard, 62, of St. Petersburg, Florida. Erie News Now was told Gozzard is originally from Ashtabula County.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is still investigating but said it happened along Horton Road in Monroe Township, south of Conneaut, just before 2 p.m.

Gozzard was one of four members in a hunting party on the first day of deer season.

The land they were hunting is posted, but Erie News Now was told they had permission to be on the land.

A DNR spokesman could not confirm if Gozzard was wearing an orange hunting vest at the time of the shooting, but investigators have collected the party's guns as evidence.

It's unclear whether they were spread out or together when Gozzard was shot and killed. Investigators are unsure if hunters outside the party are involved.

"I do not know of all the people who had permission to hunt here," said Jarod Roof, Ohio DNR. "I do know that these four did have permission to hunt here. As for the other people who have permission, I cannot answer that."

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday in Ashtabula County.


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