Prosecutors called the death of Amanda Grazioli "a cold, calculated murder" while the defense said her husband, John Grazioli, did not intend to kill her during opening arguments Tuesday morning.

John Grazioli, who is on trial for first-degree murder, was systemically plotting how he would remove Amanda from his life in the month leading up to her death, Chief Deputy District Attorney Erin Connelly said.

Connelly said the evidence will show just that; John confessed to the murder to a priest and his ex-wife, and police recovered a suicide note at the home and the gun they believe he used to kill Amanda in his jacket at the church, she said.

The defense said the murder was a tragedy but did not dispute that John shot his wife in the head. Brian Arrowsmith, who is representing John, said the evidence will show he did not shoot Amanda with malice, and he did not have intent to kill.

Investigators said John shot Amanda in the head in the bedroom of the home the couple shared in Millcreek's Whispering Woods subdivision.

During the trial Tuesday, we learned shortly after shooting, John went to lunch and attended mass while Amanda laid dead in bed. That's before police said he drove to Erie's St. Peter Cathedral where he confessed to a catholic priest.

Connelly said John told ex-wife he killed Amanda and that he had been planning a divorce.

A suicide note was presented Tuesday. It said, "I killed Amanda Schmitt Grazioli. I killed myself. I am profoundly sorry."

Grazioli wiped away tears as prosecutors showed autopsy pictures of Amanda's body. The autopsy revealed traces of cocaine and marijuana in her system.

If convicted of first-degree murder, he faces a life sentence without parole.