The Amtrak Union Station in downtown Erie is set to get a face lift.

One traveler says he's never seen a train station this run down.

The train station is need of some work. It has peeling wallpaper and broken flooring.

The Erie based global company, Logistic Plus is the owners of the building and say they have a plan in place to fix the place up.

"We are in the process of meeting with architects and contractors to explore the options for renovations,"  says human resources manager Tracy White. "we do have two full-time maintenance employees that service the nearly 100 year old facility as well." 

One person who contacted Erie News Now said he's concerned that the station may put Erie in a bad light. 

Many of the passengers wait inside the station between trains and this is the only part of the city they see. 

A college student from a school in Chicago tells us she comes through this train station in Erie often when she goes to and from school. 

"I was kind of surprised when I got off, it was pretty cold and we were waiting for the next train shivering," says Julianne Funk a student from North Park University in Chicago. "This station is a little run down, old but I do like some of the decorations on the walls. It looks like it could have quit a bit of updating done to it."

No official details from Logistics Plus on when these renovations will happen but Erie News Now will keep you posted on any developments.