The U.S. Postal Service is refusing to deliver mail to an entire block of homes near Bradford. 

13 households on South Avenue in Bradford Township have not had mail delivery for the past two weeks. The people who live in those homes have to drive 4 miles to the Bradford Post Office to personally pick up their mail. That's because the post office is afraid to send letter carriers down that street because of one individual.

This month, Richard Yovichin, 59, allegedly leaned into a Postal Service vehicle and threatened a letter carrier who delivers mail on that street.  On April 11, the Postal Service informed the 13 households of the agency's safety concerns.

A frustrated neighbor, Pat Gorman, does not understand why the Postal Service is not pursuing legal charges against Yovichin.

"There's a statute on the books that says that anything restricting the mail is a felony offense, and it's like it's washed over.  They're not going anywhere with it.  I don't understand it.  I just don't understand it,” he said.

The worries of the Postal Service have merit.  According to a March 27 article in the Bradford Era newspaper,  Yovichin was found guilty in McKean County Court of reckless endangerment for shooting a gun in the direction of neighbors.   His sentencing is May 9.

Yovichin’s house has several plastic camouflage strips shielding his property.  No trespassing signs warn people to keep their distance.

The Postal Service did tell the neighbors they're thinking of installing mailboxes at the end of the block so people would not have to drive to the post office. But, the neighbors are not thrilled about passing Yovichin's house to get to those boxes.